Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Industrial park in the media

Desde el comienzo del proyecto, el Parque concitó la atención de los medios de comunicación que reflejaron sus ventajas en diferentes notas:

Screened industrial development policies for the province

Misiones Online - 24-08-2015

They provide betting lines to industrial development support with special rates

Misiones Online - 25-08-2014

CAME Industrial workshop next to FAPI in the framework of the XIII International Forum "City, Trade and Tourism"

CAME – 13-08-2014

BRAZIL: Posadas described the experience of Microcredit Programme and Industrial Park

Página 16 - 06-05-2014

Dass Sport & Style wants to install a logistics center in the Industrial Park Posadas

Ya Misiones - 14-03-2014

Débora Giorgi inaugurated the industrial park Posadas

Telam - 10|01|2014

On Monday, december 30th opens the Posadas Industrial Park

Misiones Online – 22-12-2013

The mayor and chairmen PIP, INTI and plan actions to promote productive development in the region

Ya Misiones - 08-11-2013

Analyze project to expand the logistics platform productive

Ya Misiones – 13-08-2013

Another european metalworking company intends to settle in the Industrial Park of Posadas

Tres líneas – 03-08-2013

Posadas Industrial Park completed the requirements in the national body

Misiones Online – 28-07-2013

Santiago Ros was appointed president of the Industrial Park

Misiones Online - 27-05-2013

Andrew informed the CGT Guacurarí, the state Posadas Industrial Park

Noticias del 6 - 15-04-2013

They will do a survey of potential metallurgical sector to meet

Noticias del 6 - 09-04-2013

The heavy shipping industry would be the first big bet Industrial Park

Misiones Online - 21-03-2013

A dozen companies this year will be installed in the Posadas Industrial Park

Noticias del 6 - 15-02-2013

Argentina Federation of Industrial Parks highlighted the active role of Posadas

Territorio Digital -15-12-2012

Wanted in Europe interested in settling in the Posadas Industrial Park

Tres Líneas - 28-11-2012

NEA Regional Meeting of the Federation of Industrial Parks Argentina

Canal 12 - 23-11-2012

Franco: an interagency work we seek to strengthen the development of Posadas

Ya Misiones - 23-11-2012

Today industrial parks are undisputed tool for growth and development

Misiones Online - 23-12-2012

They hope that by 2020 has 500 industrial parks in the country

Misiones Online - 23-12-2012

Industrial parks in the country will meet on november 23 in Posadas

Misiones Online - 16-11-2012

The Mission Chamber of Metallurgical Industries was formally constituted

Misiones Online - 11-10-2012

Posadas can become the provincial capital of sailing," says specialist

Ya Misiones - 04-10-2012

Towards the development of shipbuilding industry in Posadas

Noticiero 12 - 03-10-2012

The mayor met with representatives of the Federation of Industrial Parks Argentina

Ya Misiones - 17-09-2012

Posadas Industrial Park in 2013 would generate about 300 jobs

Infodía - 10-09-2012

The INTI Missions will have its own headquarters in the Industrial Park of Posadas

Argentina Forestal - 08-08-2012

Discussed the metallurgical sector profile for the future Industrial Park

Ya Misiones - 05-08-2012

Guest Industrial Park in order to reap greater benefits

Noticias del 6 - 25-07-2012

Posadas Industrial Park, co-founded the Argentina Federation of Industrial Parks

Territorio Digital - 06-07-2012

Franco met with the leadership of the Manufacturers Association of Argentina

Misiones Online – 07-06-2012

Closs invited entrepreneurs to invest in the future Industrial Park Inns

Misiones Online – 04-06-2012

The creation of the Centre for Corporate Associativity vigorous development deepen economic and productive regional

Ya Misiones – 04-06-2012

Posadas Industrial Park: analyzing over 30 projects of regional integration

Ya Misiones - 28-05-2012

The meeting Posadas entrepreneur was a milestone in regional productive integration

Mercosurabc - 24-05-2012

Posadas presented as the core of the productive integration of the region

Ya Misiones - 20-05-2012

There were the days of productive potential

Territorio Digital - 19-05-2012

The mayor Franco, opened the sessions productive potentiality Friday morning

Misiones Online - 18-05-2012

Regional Conference on Productive Potentiality and Associativity in Posadas

Mercociudades - 17-05-2012

Metallurgical Galicia, part of productive potential days

Territorio Digital - 17-05-2012

Funding and support for the entrepreneur will be key issues in the Regional Conference on productive potential. "

Territorio Digital - 12-05-2012

Sectoral workshops are prepared for the days of "regional productive potentiality and associativity"

Misiones OnLine -09-05-2012

Paraguay were promoted at the conference "Regional and Associativity productive potential"

Ya Misiones -09-05-2012

Looking for the industrial park has Posadas Industries and nautical services

Noticias del 6  - 03-05-2012

The basic infrastructure of the Industrial Park and is completing his first stage.

Ya Misiones - 25-04-2012

Passalacqua and Franco: Future work on the toured Industrial Park.

Misiones Online - 24-04-2012

Was launched in the conference productive potential and Associativity.

Yamisiones - 18-04-2012

Industrial Metallurgical want a seat in Posadas.

Noticias del 6 - 18-04-2012

Employers want more training and new markets.

Misiones Online - 17-04-2012

The agricultural industry, the timber industry and the metalworking generate special interest in the future Industrial Park Inns.

Misiones Online - 17-04-2012

City officials made ??presentations Industrial Park in Brazil.

Posadas Informa - 05-04-2012

To be ready midyear works based Industrial Park.

Misiones Online - 13-02-2012

Chinese businessmen visited Posadas Industrial Park.

Ya Misiones - 01-11-2011

Defined distribution of lots in the industrial park of Posadas.

Nordeste Noticias - 10-10-2011

Posadas Industrial Park is authorized to a corporation.

Ya Misiones - 23-09-2011

Nation Industrial Park formalizes support Posadas.

Oberá te informa - 14-09-2011

Moving in the Industrial Park zoning Posadas.

Canal Cuatro Posadas - 27-08-2011

Industrial Park Guest inclusive growth.

Eldorado 6 - 26-08-2011

Analyze Industrial Park zoning Posadas.

Misiones Lider - 22-08-2011

There are already 55 companies seeking to settle in the Industrial Park Posadas, on Friday discussed distribution.

Cuatro Noticias de Misiones - 22-08-2011

Analyzed potential Posadas Industrial Park.

Portal NEA - 24-06-11

Seek investors for the industrial park Inns.

Tu Misiones - 22-06-2011

Posadas Industrial Park: Entrepreneur, a proposal "motivating".

Noticias del 6 - 27-05-2011

Summoned interested in settling in the Industrial Park Inns.

Misiones Online - 17-05-2011

Posadas Industrial Park: purpose of development and employment generation.

Noticias del 6 - 27-12-2010

Posadas industrial park project.

Infodía - 22-04-2010